Search Engine Optimization Basics, SEO Basics

If you are new to SEO then you’ll want to read this section. Don’t think that you need to hire an SEO to design a web site that can bring you a substantial amount of traffic. There are many ways in which you can bring traffic to your site other than being #1 on Google. Sometimes being #1 on Google is just for bragging rights.

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They are really no “basics” of web design anymore. The basics can go on and on, basics could be a list of 100 components. There are so many factors that go into getting good rankings on Google and the like that saying there are “basics” to web design is a joke. I read article after article about the so-called basics of web design search engine optimization and they try to oversimplify the core components of SEO. I bet 9 times out of 10 if you followed their suggestions (like The Bubbleroome) you would not fail to get good rankings with your web site on the major search engines. Check out hereTYTSEO is about daily taking steps to improve your rankings on search engines. It is not figuring out a magic formula, doing it once, and letting the customers flow into your web site. Oh, and if you did find that magic formula for getting traffic to your web site. Good luck getting that same formula to work in 6 months after one of the ever too constant algorithm changes in Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, etc. So here are just a few elements to getting good rankings.

First and foremost make sure your pages load fast and all the content on that page is relevant to your user. If it’s not lightning fast your visitor will leave immediately. Don’t use frames or flash. Just standard text and a few relevant pictures should do the trick.

Optimize for keywords. Let’s say you’re an SEO company here in Maryland and you want to design a web site. Optimize on a few sets of keywords. Meaning in your title tag or title of the page writes the keyword you want to optimize on. The most important element to SEO that search engines pick up on is the title tag of your web site, for right now at least. So make it count and be as descriptive as possible. For example “Maryland SEO Company.” Although you might not get #1 on the United States in the list SEO agencies, you might get #1 on Maryland’s SEO agencies. The goal is to be the most descriptive as possible thus getting the most targeted visitor possible.

Keep themes going with your web site. Everything on your web site should have a purpose. The colors scheme should be about 2-3 colors. The graphics on your site should relate to the text or content of the site. Making your web site confusing will only frustrate your visitor causing them to leave.

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Make sure other sites link to you and I’m not talking about link exchanges. I’m talking about non paid directories such as Yelp, Craigslist, blogs, YouTube, City Search, newspaper articles, ads in travel agencies, etc. YouTube vlogs these days are one of the top rising media for new entrepreneurs.

You need content, content, content. Yes, you need content. OK, what does that mean you hear this a lot? It’s not necessary just that you need content it’s that you need to be an authority on a given topic. You need articles, writings, and text so good that you are recognized as the leader on a given topic or issue or business. How do search engines recognize that you are now a leader? Good question. Web sites will start linking to you and once this happens you know you’re on your way to getting good rankings in search results. Because good content matters it pays to find a niche topic or business that no one knows about except you.

Site structure matters. Have more than one page of text. Because this page is one page of text I probably won’t get good rankings in the search engines, but you, on the other hand, need more than just one page to get good rankings in the search engines.

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I will add later, but seriously this SEO Michigan services list could go on and on and on and on. Since algorithms change monthly, daily, or hourly, what works one day might not work the next.

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