Neighbors mobilize to report loud student parties

Marina Streznewski, president of the Foggy Bottom Association, said patrols will call the University and file a complaint if they hear noise from townhouses late at night.

Marina Streznewski, pres­i­dent of the Foggy Bot­tom Asso­ci­a­tion, said patrols will call the Uni­ver­sity and file a com­plaint if they hear noise from town­houses late at night.

Foggy Bot­tom neigh­bors are going on patrol.

Mem­bers of the Foggy Bot­tom Res­i­dents Alliance say they plan to take walks through the neigh­bor­hood to report town­houses that vio­late D.C.’s post-10 p.m. quiet hours.

The move comes after long-time Foggy Bot­tom res­i­dent Ken Durham said he found a loop­hole in GW’s new off-campus poli­cies: If D.C. police break up a party and the Uni­ver­sity isn’t noti­fied, stu­dents won’t face dis­ci­pli­nary action.

Many times, the res­i­dent will only call the police, and the Uni­ver­sity doesn’t know about it, and the edu­ca­tion can’t hap­pen,” he said.

Marina Streznewski, pres­i­dent of the com­mu­nity orga­ni­za­tion the Foggy Bot­tom Asso­ci­a­tion, said the patrols will help res­i­dents who are too intim­i­dated to call an anony­mous hotline.

There are a lot of older peo­ple that, to be com­pletely blunt about it, are afraid of stu­dents,” she said. “So it’s a way to help out their older neighbors.”

The walks, which will cover a two-by-three block area, will take place on week­end nights. About seven res­i­dents have signed up to patrol the streets, Streznewski said.

She said the walks are meant to be “low key,” and that she doesn’t want stu­dents to think they will worsen neigh­bor­hood tension.

There’s a poten­tial for that, if peo­ple doing the patrols are obnox­ious or nasty, but we’re not try­ing to do that,” Streznewski said.

Noise and trash vio­la­tions have strained rela­tions between GW and Foggy Bot­tom res­i­dents for years. In August, the Uni­ver­sity for­mal­ized pun­ish­ments for dis­rup­tive off-campus behav­ior. The sanc­tions, which esca­late to sus­pen­sion, give stu­dents fewer free passes for vio­lat­ing the Code of Stu­dent Conduct.

GW has tried to pre­vent behav­ioral issues through edu­ca­tional mea­sures, releas­ing a guide for liv­ing off cam­pus in 2012, while offi­cials have reached out to neigh­bors through com­mu­nity list­servs and meet­ings. Last spring, Uni­ver­sity Pres­i­dent Steven Knapp met with Foggy Bot­tom neigh­bors to respond to their complaints.

Bri­tany Wad­dell, the University’s direc­tor of com­mu­nity rela­tions, said offi­cials are “con­tin­u­ally” meet­ing with neigh­bors and stu­dents who live off cam­pus, includ­ing the Foggy Bot­tom Res­i­dents Alliance.

We will con­tinue to work in part­ner­ship with neigh­bors to address any con­cerns they may have and are com­mit­ted to our stu­dents being val­ued mem­bers of the Foggy Bottom/West End com­mu­nity,” she said in an email.

Durham said he’d like GW to adopt George­town University’s model for work­ing with stu­dents who live off cam­pus. George­town staff mem­bers walk through the neigh­bor­hood dur­ing the week­end, talk­ing with stu­dents and report­ing noisy par­ties, Durham said.

We don’t mind stu­dents here. We have 50 town­houses, and maybe only six or eight do the par­ties,” he said. “But it’s a res­i­den­tial area, and you don’t go to the Kennedy Cen­ter and shout and yell and curse. You don’t go to a res­i­den­tial area and do the same thing.”

Arti­cle by Eva Palmer, Assis­tant News Edi­tor | Media Credit: Samuel Klein | Senior Photo Edi­tor | From the Sep­tem­ber 18, 2014 issue of the GW Hatchet

Tuesdays FBA meeting will feature two experts on the birds and the bees in the community

Veteran urban beekeeper Toni Burnham visits a rooftop beehive.

Vet­eran urban bee­keeper Toni Burnham

The Foggy Bot­tom Asso­ci­a­tion meet­ing on Tues­day evening, July 29 (7–9 pm) will fea­ture two experts on the birds and the bees in our community.

Toni Burn­ham, expert DC bee­keeper and blog­ger, will talk about the impor­tance of these lit­tle pol­li­na­tors, and dis­cuss efforts to improve their viability.

Zach Slavin of the Audubon Soci­ety will share infor­ma­tion on the wide vari­ety of birds with whom we share our neighborhood.

Please join us at St. Paul’s Epis­co­pal, 2430 K St NW for what is sure to be a fas­ci­nat­ing evening.

New Two-Way Traffic Pattern for New Hampshire Avenue NW between M Street and Washington Circle Starts June 17, 2014

New Two-Way Traffic Pattern for New Hampshire Avenue NW between M Street and Washington Circle.There will be a new two-way traf­fic pat­tern imple­mented on New Hamp­shire Avenue, between M Street and Wash­ing­ton Cir­cle, start­ing on or about Tues­day, June 17, 2014.

This traf­fic pat­tern change is a key mile­stone as DDOT moves toward the com­ple­tion of its New Hamp­shire Avenue Streetscape Project. The new two-way traf­fic pat­tern will help facil­i­tate bike travel on the two new bike lanes along the cor­ri­dor and improve con­nec­tions for motorists and local businesses.

Vari­able Mes­sage Signs (VMS) will be in place to advise dri­vers, cyclists and pedes­tri­ans about the change on this cor­ri­dor from a one-way to two-way traf­fic pat­tern. Trav­el­ers who fre­quent this sec­tion of New Hamp­shire Avenue NW are urged to stay alert and use cau­tion in the area.

For more infor­ma­tion about the New Hamp­shire Avenue Streetscape Project and to sign up for future updates, please visit Ques­tions about the project may be directed to the Pub­lic Out­reach Con­tact Ian Swain at or at 202–563-5033.

Visit for more infor­ma­tion on trans­porta­tion options in the District.

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